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Opposition to Proposed Raises

 Dear Common Council Members,

As many of you know the City Blue Collar Workers still do not have a contract. The current contract expired on December 31, 2013, yet for the past three years we have continued to serve the City and help keep it clean and safe for the residents and visitors, all while watching other City non union employees receive raises year after year. You can imagine our members dismay to see reports of raises for non union city workers yet again while the City stalls our negotiations. We have been repeatedly told that they cannot negotiate with us because there just isn't money available for raises.

Shockingly, there is money to create new positions and offer significant raises to top management even while under a hiring freeze. This issue is seriously affecting the morale of the Blue Collar Workers Union Membership. A signifiant amount of money that is being slated for raises for management and new positions which sends a clear message to the very workers that clear the streets, collect the trash, keep the parks clean and safe, and maintain our water system: that they do not matter. There is a petition drive underway across the city to oppose raises and to support Albany City's union workers. This issue affects residents in every single ward and needs to be addressed by stopping the slated raises in question.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Frank Coons
President, Local 1961

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